Professional summary

Shinji joined UKCEH in July 2022 and has since progressed his research as a Vertebrate Ecotoxicologist. His work is predominantly in (i) statistically analysing the PBMS (Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme) data for monitoring the temporal and spatial variation of the exposure of wildlife to various chemical pollutants (metals, rodenticides, etc.) and (ii) publishing the results to the publics (e.g., scientific articles, contract reports, oral & poster presentations in meetings/conferences).

One of his research topics is 'the functional role of biodiversity in the exposure of wildlife to chemical contaminants'. This subject is based on the dilution effect in disease ecology, and he assumes that this 'dilution effect' concept could be applied to ecotoxicology: diversified resources might influence the transfer of contaminants from some high-accumulating resources to animals at a higher trophic level.

He has previously held various research and lecturing positions at: the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France. 

Other Publications

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