Dr. Sarah Burthe

Selected Publications


Halsey Lewis G.; Green Jonathan A.; Twiss Sean D.; Arnold Walter; Burthe Sarah J.; Butler Patrick J.; Cooke Steven J.; Grémillet David; Ruf Thomas; Hicks Olivia; Minta Katarzyna J.; Prystay Tanya S.; Wascher Claudia A.F.; Careau Vincent; , 2019, Flexibility, variability and constraint in energy management patterns across vertebrate taxa revealed by long‐term heart rate measurements. Functional Ecology, 33, 260-272

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Wanelik Klara M.; Burthe Sarah J.; Harris Mike P.; Nunn Miles A.; Godfray H. Charles J.; Sheldon Ben C.; McLean Angela R.; Wanless Sarah; , 2017, Investigating the effects of age-related spatial structuring on the transmission of a tick-borne virus in a colonially breeding host. Ecology and Evolution

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Burthe Sarah J.; Henrys Peter A; Mackay Eleanor B.; Spears Bryan M.; Campbell Ronald; Carvalho Laurence; Dudley Bernard; Gunn Iain D.M.; Johns David G.; Maberly Stephen C.; May Linda; Newell Mark A.; Wanless Sarah; Winfield Ian J.; Thackeray Stephen J.; Daunt Francis; , 2015, Do early warning indicators consistently predict nonlinear change in long-term ecological data?.

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Kipar A.; Burthe S.J.; Hetzel U; Rokia M.Abo; Telfer S.; Lambin X.; Birtles R.; Begon M.; Bennett M.; , 2014, Mycobacterium microti tuberculosis in its Maintenance host, the field vole (Microtus agrestis): characterization of the disease and possible routes of transmission. , 51, 903-915

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