Professional summary

Sabine is a soil ecologist with an interest in the links between the soil, plants, and the atmosphere. She received her MSc (Diplom) from the Friedrich Schiller University (Germany) for her research on water uptake of competitive plants in a semi-arid savannah in South Africa using stable isotopes. She then completed a PhD in climate change ecology at the Technical University of Denmark. Her early career was focused on soil microbial ecology and the effect of climate change on ecosystem carbon and nutrient cycling. She used long-term experimental monitoring and environmental gradients to study these ecosystem processes.

Between 2020 and 2023, Sabine coordinated the National Field Survey of the Welsh landscape as part of the Environmental and Rural Affairs Monitoring & Modelling Programme (ERAMMP). During this time, she oversaw the completion of various field survey components including soils, plants, woody and historic features, freshwater and soil erosion. She also co-led the work preparing and analysing soil data her teams had collected.

Sabine has now transitioned back to her scientific roots. She studies the connections between plant and soil responses to climate and land-use change using Welsh and UK datasets. She is also involved in the European project CLIMASOIL investigating impacts of climate (change) on soil hydraulic properties and soil carbon storage. Sabine is involved in the EU soil horizon project AI4SoilHealth on EU topsoils, and potential related projects on subsoils. Additionally, Sabine manages the UKCEH's long-term Heathland Climate Change Experiment.

Selected publications