Professional summary

Rebecca is a land surface scientist with research interests in improving the representation of plant physiological processes and vegetation dynamics to ensure accurate representation of photosynthesis in Earth System models in order to help understand and quantify the resilience of the global carbon sink to future climate change. She has worked in the UK Earth system modelling project and the land-surface model JULES (Joint UK Land Environment Simulator).

The UK Earth System modelling project is a collaboration between NERC centres and the Met Office, which aims to simulate both the changing global climate and the carbon cycle response to a changing climate and changing atmospheric composition. JULES is a community land surface model, used both as a standalone and as the land surface component in the Met Office Unified Model. It is a major part of the UK's contribution to global model intercomparison projects (e.g. CMIP6) and is placed firmly at the cutting edge of international land surface modelling because of continual science development and improved accessibility.