Professional summary

Dr Ragab Ragab is a UKCEH Fellow, Principal Hydrologist and Water Resources Management Specialist. He is a Past President of the International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage (2020-2023). He has more than 40 years of experience in irrigation, drainage, catchments hydrology, remote sensing application in hydrology, integrated water management, climate change impact on water resources, soil-water-plant- atmosphere relations, rainfall harvesting, use of poor-quality water (saline/brackish, treated wastewater) for crop production, organic farming and urban hydrology. 

His interests are in building cross-sectoral collaborations to understand the dynamic interactions across the water-energy-food nexus to help stakeholders set objectives for freshwater management and transform science into management solutions.

Dr Ragab's research includes improving water productivity and water use efficiency, irrigation and drainage management, agricultural water management, soil physics/soil hydrology, remote sensing application in hydrology, hydrological modelling at catchment scale, quantifying the impact of climate and land use changes on water resources, identifying the gap between water supply and demand and suggest management solutions to narrow the gap, and water, soil, and fertilizers management modelling and experimentation at field scale.

As an editor at the Journal of Agricultural Science, he contributes to Cambridge University Press (2013-present). He is also serving as an Adjunct Professor at Soil and Water Sciences Dept., the University of Alexandria, Egypt since 2006.  He is a founder of the Work Group on the Use of Nonconventional Water Resources for Food Production, ICID, (1997-present). Past roles include Chairman of the UK National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (2007-2011), Chairman of the Permanent Committee on Strategies and Organization, ICID (2011-2014), Chairman of the Work Group on Water-Food-Energy Nexus, ICID (

Dr Ragab obtained his BSc. in Soil and Water Sciences (1970), MSc. in Irrigation (1974), and Ph.D, in Rural Engineering from the University of Leuven, Belgium (1982).

Web tools and apps

1. SALTMED 2019. SALTMED model as an integrated management tool for management of water, crop, soil, and N-fertilizers. The model is a free download or from the ICID website.  Also, eee SALTMED on YouTube: and read more in “SALTMED Publications in Irrigation and Drainage. Virtual Issues First published: 20 May 2020 Last updated: 20 May 2020. Wiley Online Library”.

2. IHMS:Integrated hydrological Modelling system for catchment scale. Includes unsaturated zone model, DiCaSM, groundwater flow model, MODFLOW (saturated zone model), and Seawater intrusion model, SWI. Accounting for the impact of water management and possible future climate and land use changes on water flows from the surface to the sea. Hydrological Processes, 2010. Volume 24 issue 19. Download the IHMS here or the ICID website. See recent publications on Climate Change and drought.

3. ICID President Activities:

4.YouTube: Speeches and activities as ICID President