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Research Interests

I am leader of the Plant-Soil Interactions Group at UKCEH Lancaster and honorary professor at the University of Warwick. I deliver fundamental and applied research to better understand, predict and mitigate terrestrial GHG emissions from natural and managed ecosystems. My research interests include:

>Developing a mechanistic understanding of the drivers of nitrous oxide variability over crop life cycles, including devising mitigation strategies e.g. smart fertilisers and biochar application

>Understanding the mechanisms behind in-situ tree stem methane and nitrous oxide emission and predicting their significance for tropical ecosystems

>Reducing the GHG and pollution intensity of oil palm cultivation in SE Asia for the benefit of rural smallholder communities and the environment

>Application of real-time GHG measurement systems (eddy covariance, cavity ring-down, robotic chambers) and data sciences to predict the spatio-temporal variability in GHG emissions

>Developing land based GHG removal strategies (GGR) to support the UK’s transition to net zero including research on biochar, accelerated peatland formation and perennial bioenergy.

Current Projects:

NERC CEH-PI& WP lead. Refining Estimates of Tropical Forest Greenhouse Gas Exchange using Plant Traits. £800K (2022-2025)

NERC/BBSRC co-I & WP lead. Towards Clean, Green and Net-Zero Agriculture (Ag0+). £12M (2022-2026)

UKRI/BBSRC co-I and WP lead. Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrator. Greenhouse Gas Removal by Accelerated Peat Formation. £4.5M (2021-2025)

UKRI/BBSRC co-I. Greenhouse Gas Removal Demonstrator. Greenhouse gas removal with UK agriculture via enhanced rock weathering. £4.5M (2021-2025)

BEIS CEH-PI & WP lead. Direct Air Capture & Greenhouse Gas Removals. Reverse Coal. £250K (2021)

NERC CEH-PI & WP lead. DIVINE: Diurnal variation in nitrous oxide emissions. £800K (2021-2024)

NERC co-I. LOCKED UP: Stabilisation & persistence of soil organic carbon. £1.9M (2019-2023)



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Brief CV


Band 4, Senior Scientist, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 2014 to date.

Group Leader, Plant-Soil Interactions, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 2013 to date.

Band 5, Senior Scientist, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 2009-2014.

Band 6, Research Scientist, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 2003-2009.

Band 7, Research Assistant, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 1997-2003.



PhD Lancaster University

MSc Strathclyde University

BSc Sussex University