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I studied "Technischer Umweltschutz" (environmental technologies) in Berlin/Germany and have worked at UKCEH since beginning of 1999.

Since 1997, I worked on endocrine disrupters (i.e. chemicals which mimic hormones) in the environment, looking at the fate of these and other chemicals during sewage treatment and in the receiving rivers and their effects on fish.

In 2007 we started to set up a National Fish Tissue Archive,which I am mainly responsible for. The idea is, that tissue samples from wild fish are collected on a annual basis and stored as a resource for retrospective monitoring. i.e. if a chemical becomes a concern in the future, the stored samples will then allow to compare past and present concentrations of this compound even if no one measured it at the time. A subset of the collected fish has already been analysed for a variety of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), metals and recently microplastics: EU Priority Substances in fish (2013), PCBs and pesticides in eels (2015) , DDT in roach (2016), POPs in fish and sediment (2017), Microplastics in fish guts (2018).

More recently, I've been involved in measuring microplastics in raw and treated drinking water and untreated and treated wastewater as well as the sludge that is produced during those treatment processes Microplastics in drinking water and its source (2020), Microplastics in raw and treated sewage (2020).

Another strand of my research is about the effects of chemical pollution on wildlife populations. Including assessing the relative risk of different pollutants. This includes estimating the relative risk of different chemicals to wildlife in UK freshwaters and applying the same principles to metals, endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals and personal care products and persistent organic pollutants in the Bohai region of China (2017) and What works? Looking at upgrades to wastewater treatment in Swindon and water quality and invertebrate diversity in the receiving river over several decades (2020).

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Brief CV

  • Technische Universität in Berlin, Germany, Dipl. Ing. (Engineering degree, equ. to MSc)
  • UKCEH Wallingford, Environmental Scientist since 1999


  • Technische Universität in Berlin, Germany, Dipl. Ing. (Engineering degree, equ. to MSc), 1998
  • Lancaster University, UK, PhD Biomonitoring of wild fish to assess chemical pollution in English rivers - An application of a Fish Tissue Archive, 2015

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