Professional summary

Matt is a principal scientist at UKCEH with expertise in atmospheric chemistry, air quality, plant ecology and nitrogen impacts on ecosystems.

Matt has a BSc in Environmental Science from Bangor University (2002), and a PhD on nitrogen pollution impacts on vegetation from Dundee University and UKCEH (2006). His early work focused on deposition modelling of pollutants to vegetation. His post-doctoral work included working for the US-EPA, Bangor University and UKCEH and focused on impacts of nitrogen on ecosystems; improving modelling estimates of ammonia deposition; operating, designing and testing atmospheric gas instrumentation; meteorological measurements and bioremediation projects. Matt also worked as a CIEEM Ecological Consultant for 4 years, conducting plant/protected species surveys and environmental impact reports including managing field teams on large and small construction projects. 

Matt returned to UKCEH in 2014, leading field research in the ACE science area. Matt now manages large scale research field stations including Auchencorth Moss (UK EMEP Supersite, ICOS, eLTER, ACTRIS and WMO-GAW station), Bush Cabins (AURN/UKEAP site), Whim Moss and Glencorse (automated nitrogen field manipulation system), Easter Bush and Bush Central (field research stations). 

Matt also leads on ammonia pollution research and the effects on vegetation, and manages large scale National Capability projects on Atmospheric Chemistry and Impacts and international projects on N impacts in South Asia.

Selected publications