Professional summary

Matt leads a group of scientists, data managers, analysts and software developers working on projects to deliver UKCEH science and data to users. They produce, analyse and manage datasets within UKCEH's water science, and develop applications to get data out to end users, who can be researchers, consultants, regulators or the general public.

Matt works on the delivery of the UK Flood and Drought Research Infrastructure, leading activities to produce a digital research infrastructure for floods and drought that will provide a step-change in how the UK research community (and beyond) access, integrate, and analyse new and existing sources of hydrological data. 

Matt is a Senior Research Fellow with the Alan Turing Institute, developing projects and collaborations to increase capabilities to exploit AI and data science to address environmental problems, particularly in the area of terrestrial and freshwater sciences, and leading a project on AI and autonomous systems for biodiversity monitoring.

He is involved in a number of Environmental Digital Twin initiatives, including the development of an Information Management Framework for Environmental Digital Twins and leading the Land InSight digital twin project.

Matt has an interest in freshwater citizen science and how data can be standardised, integrated and analysed for improving understanding and management of freshwater ecosystems. He leads the CastCo project Data Platforms Working Group.

Matt also works on UKCEH's Hydro-JULES programme, making hydrological data and models more accessible to the research community, including through the use of the DataLabs collaborative web-enabled platform for use of the JASMIN facility.

Selected publications

Siddorn J. et al. , (2022), An Information Management Framework for Environmental Digital Twins (IMFe).