Professional summary

Research Interests

  • Hydrological data management
  • Web-based dissemination of environmental data
  • Time series data standards
  • Software for environmental science
  • Hydrological data rescue

Brief CV

I lead a group of scientists, data managers, analysts and software developers mostly working on projects to deliver our science and data to end users.

We produce, analyse and manage datasets within CEH's water science, and develop applications to get data out to end users, who can be researchers, consultants, regulators or the general public.

I am PI of the ENTRAIN project within the NERC Constructing a Digital Environment Programme looking at bringing together sensor networks; developing standards-based data structures and linking environmental monitoring sites to the river network; assessing new ways to capture sensor data in the field and transmit this to data storage; and developing machine learning algorithms for quality control and infilling of sensor data.

I am leading the Hydrology project of the Copernicus in situ component; identifying requirements for in situ hydrological monitoring data (river and lake levels, river flows, river and lake water quality, soil moisture) for the Copernicus services, and coordinating actions to improve their access to this data.

I am currently managing the data element of a knowledge exchange project for the UK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme, through which we will be delivering a large number of new drought datasets, and infrastructure to enable programmatic access to this data, and web applications to make data access simple.

I managed the development of CEH's Environmental Information Platform, and related initiatives attempting to integrate data and modelling and produce web-portals for disseminating CEH science and data. This includes CEH's Droughts and Lakes Portals.

I lead IT systems development for the National River Flow Archive at Wallingford, where we are developing and applying tools for managing and using river gauging station data. This includes time series data (such as flow and rainfall), gauging station metadata (on things like station history and measurement quality) and spatial datasets (catchment boundaries, gridded rainfall, etc.).

I am co-chair of the Global Water Information Interest Group of the Research Data Alliance. I am a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium's Hydrology Domain Working Group, who are developing standards for water data transfer, including WaterML2.

I lead the systems for the COSMOS-UK project, streaming, processing and quality-controlling real-time data from telemetry and making it accessible via web-services.

I managed the development of the Majic system, which allows the JULES land-surface model to be run over the web on JASMIN, NERC's research cloud.

I have written guidance on data management for the World Meteorological Organisation, including the Guidelines for Hydrological Data Rescue and Guide to Hydrological Practices.

In my time at CEH I have helped produce the LowFlows software for the Environment Agency and SEPA, and software for implementing the Flood Estimation Handbook rainfall-runoff method, and helped commercialise these through Wallingford Hydrosolutions with whom I spent 5 years on part-time secondment as software manager. I managed the HYDATA software used as the national hydrometric archive in many developing countries and have extensive experience working in Africa. I have also produced drought analysis software and GIS-based water resources management software for the southern Africa region and have run numerous training workshops through projects such as FRIEND.