Selected Publications


Hayes Felicity; Lloyd Bethan; Mills Gina; Jones Laurence; Dore Anthony J.; Carnell Edward; Vieno Massimo; Dise Nancy; Fenner Nathalie; , 2019, Impact of long-term nitrogen deposition on the response of dune grassland ecosystems to elevated summer ozone. Environmental Pollution, 253, 821-830

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Ots Riinu; Vieno Massimo; Allan James D.; Reis Stefan; Nemitz Eiko; Young Dominique E.; Coe Hugh; Di Marco Chiara; Detournay Anais; Mackenzie Ian A.; Green David C.; Heal Mathew R.; , 2016, Model simulations of cooking organic aerosol (COA) over the UK using estimates of emissions based on measurements at two sites in London. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16, 13773-13789

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Ots Riinu; Young Dominique E.; Vieno Massimo; Xu Lu; Dunmore Rachel E.; Allan James D.; Coe Hugh; Williams Leah R.; Herndon Scott C.; Ng Nga L.; Hamilton Jacqueline F.; Bergström Robert; Di Marco Chiara; Nemitz Eiko; Mackenzie Ian A.; Kuenen Jeroen J.P.; Green David C.; Reis Stefan; Heal Mathew R.; , 2016, Simulating secondary organic aerosol from missing diesel-related intermediate-volatility organic compound emissions during the Clean Air for London (ClearfLo) campaign. , 16, 6453-6473

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Nemitz Eiko; Jones Laurence; Vieno Massimo; Morton Daniel; Carnell Ed; Reis Stefan; Dickie Ian; Cryle Philip; Holland Mike; , 2018, Quantifying and valuing the role of UK vegetation in the removal of particulate matter. In: 10th International Aerosol Conference (IAC 2018), St Louis, USA, 2-7 Sept 2018

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