Professional summary

Research Interests

  • Seabirds and marine ecosystems
  • Seabird population ecology
  • Impact of extreme weather upon seabirds
  • Seabird monitoring methodology

Brief CV

As part of the Coastal Seas Ecology Team at Edinburgh my primary work is centred around the seabird colony on the Isle of May off the southeast coast of Scotland. My role as Field Manager is to oversee the day-to-day research on the island with particular responsibility for the bird ringing and training. 

Research from the Isle of May has played a key role over the last 30 years in the conservation of North Sea seabirds and has been used to assess the impacts of the industrial sandeel fishery and climate change on avian top predators (Long term studies). With a long-standing interest in seabirds it is the perfect position in which to contribute to our understanding of the marine environment, particularly in this current period of population instability. 

As well as the long-term monitoring programme on the island I play a part in other projects covering a wide range of topics including ammonia emissions from seabird colonies (GANE), mechanisms maintaining pathogen diversity (Environmental Genomics), the role of seabirds in orchestrating island food webs and the impact of extreme weather. As well as my involvement in these projects I oversee the work of any students involved in fieldwork, casual workers and all volunteers.  This includes logistical support as well as on site training in field techniques. 

At CEH Edinburgh I am Named Animal Care & Welfare Officer and I carry out or supervise all lab work associated with samples collected on the Isle of May and at other seabird colonies.


BSc. (Hons) Environmental Science, Plymouth University. 1990-1993