Professional summary

Maliko has a masters degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Technical University of Cartagena (Spain) and a PhD in Land Surface Modelling and Remote Sensing. During a significant portion of her doctoral research, she collaborated with the Climate System Group at UKCEH Wallingford, where she developed and assessed methods for estimating areal evapotranspiration and monitoring drought using remote sensing data.

In November 2012, she joined the Water Resources Science Area as a Spatial Data Analyst. Over the years, she has made substantial contributions to a variety of projects, with a focus on floods, for example the Flood Estimation Handbook. Other project focus on: droughts — Historic Droughts, DrIVER, ENDOWS, IRIS; hydrological forecasting — IMPETUS, Hydrological Outlooks; and, the impact of climate change — eFLaG, CS-N0W, CANARI. Maliko's work has involved collaboration with numerous external partners, academics, and stakeholders within the UK and internationally.

From December 2023 onwards, Maliko has taken on a new role within the forecast verification team at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Reading University. Despite this transition, she maintains a close relationship with UKCEH, where she is honoured to have been granted the status of UKCEH Fellow.