Professional summary

Dr. M. Glória dos Santos Pereira is the head of the Centralised Chemistry Group at UKCEH, which comprises of a team of 13 chemists and analyses low levels of nutrients, metals, organic compounds and stable isotopes in environmental samples. She is also the technical manager for the organics group, specialising in the analyses of persistent organic compounds, phytopigments, pharmaceuticals, phospolipid fatty acids, neonicotinoides, and more.

Her research focuses on persistent organic pollutants at environmental levels as well as tries to identify emerging compounds that could pose a risk to the environment, wildlife and humans. Within this broad field of research, Glória's specific interest is in the extent of exposure to contaminants by wild birds and their effects, with particular emphasis given to: temporal and special distribution of “old and “new” POPs in wildlife; levels of a wide range of contaminants in wildlife; the effects of transfers through the food chain on contaminant levels; and, source attribution of PAHs in wild birds.