Professional summary

Research Interests

  •  Analysing large-scale, long-term monitoring data (plant species, habitats and traits) to detect changes in ecosystems and to attribute changes to drivers e.g. atmospheric deposition, land-use change.
  • Invasive species (including tree diseases); i.) using monitoring data to understand the distribution of Invasive species and hosts for tree disease (e.g. ash), ii.) understanding impacts of Invasive species and disease and linking these to multiple drivers e.g. climate, land-use, pollution, iii.) using invasive species to understand ecological processes e.g. ecosystem function, community assembly.
  • Natural Capital: understanding conceptual framework and applying concepts to Natural Capital reporting e.g. translation of biophysical variables into NC metrics and use of monitoring data to report on Natural Capital. Understanding the potential for restoration of Natural Capital
  • Tropical forest ecology

Brief CV

  • Analysis of national datasets (e.g.Countryside Survey) to test hypotheses, report on stock and change of Natural Capital, attribute changes in ecosystems to drivers such as invasive species and atmospheric deposition, 2001 to present.
  • Work Package Leader (WP) on Habitats for Glastir (agri-environment) monitoring in Wales 2012-present
  • Survey management and method development (Countryside survey and Glastir)
  • Review of evidence for restoration of Natural Capital and Review of data for reporting on Natural Capital for Natural Capital Committee, State of Natural Capital reports 2 and 3
  • Development of Natural Capital Asset check, phase 1 Defra project, phase 2 NEA follow-on work
  • Project leader for Defra project on injurious weeds and non-native species 2012
  • Project leader for NERC/LWEC project; Synthesis of reports on ecosystem services 2011.
  • Member of expert panel for UK NEA 2009-2011.
  • Projects for JNCC and UKreate assessing impacts of nitrogen deposition on plant species composition and richness in large datasets 2005-2010.
  • Project leader for Defra funded Darwin project ‘Towards integrated assessment of Biodiversity in Belize’ 2005 -2009.
  • Botanical survey across wide range of Habitats 1995- present


  • PhD (University of Sheffield) 2011
  • Msc (U.C.N.W. Bangor) 1994
  • Bsc (University of Exeter) 1991
  • City and guilds in Biological Surveying, Scottish Wildlife trust 1993

Panels, committees and memberships

British Ecological Society