Professional summary

Dr. Lindsay Maskell is a senior scientist in the Land Use group with expertise in the collection, analysis and interpretation of large-scale field survey data in order to test hypotheses and answer ecological questions.

Research interests include; detecting patterns of vegetation change and attributing them to external drivers e.g. nitrogen deposition and invasive species; landscape scale biodiversity and relationships between heterogeneity and species richness; monitoring and measuring habitat quality; 

She has a PhD from the University of Sheffield (2011) entitled 'Vegetation dynamics at the landscape scale; patterns of distribution, invasions and key drivers'.

She has worked on Countryside Survey (a national survey incorporating habitats, landscape features, vegetation, soils and water) for many years and has been involved with the management, analysis and reporting of national monitoring in Wales (GMEP/ERAMMP) since 2013. She is a skilled botanist and has been involved with training, recruitment of field staff, Quality assurance and Quality control of field surveys. She has been responsible for data analyses and reporting from all of the national surveys and has analytical skills including use of R, SAS and ArcGIS. She has worked on Natural Capital and Ecosystem services for many years, was on the expert committee for the UKNEA and is the UKCEH representative on the UKEOF Natural Capital Working group. Recently she has been working on developing indicators of habitat quality, integration of field survey and remotely sensed data and reviewing evidence on the impacts of agri-environment interventions.

Selected publications