Professional summary

Dr Linda May has more than 45 years of experience as a freshwater ecologist. Her initial research focus was the population dynamics of zooplankton and their role as indicators of environmental quality. In recent years, this has shifted to the causes and effects of water quality problems in lakes. Her work now includes gathering the scientific evidence required to underpin the successful restoration of lakes and support their sustainable management.

Linda's current research interests include: long term monitoring of Loch Leven, Scotland, and its management as a landscape scale research platform; eutrophication and recovery processes in freshwater lakes, including the impacts of climate change and their mitigation; linking land to water, including the sources and fates of the major plant nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, silicon, carbon) at the catchment scale, and how they impact on aquatic ecosystems; and, the better management of sewage in rural areas, including impacts on the environment and risk assessment approaches.

Selected publications