Professional summary

Justyna is a freshwater ecologist with an interest in the impact of contaminants and macronutrients on the functioning and service provision of freshwater and coastal ecosystems, and the long-term recovery trajectories following pollution. Her work involves quantifying and manipulating processes that control pollutant cycling between bed sediments and aquatic biota, and carrying out research to increase understanding of the responses of freshwater ecosystems to environmental change and restoration.

Justyna is involved in several projects, including: Mainstreaming Ecological Restoration of freshwater-related ecosystems in a Landscape context: Innovation, upscaling and transformation (MERLIN); Biogeochemical processes and ecosystem function in changing polar systems and their global impacts (BIOPOLE); Uptake of chemicals from legacy waste sites in coastal food webs and effects on higher predators (CLEWS); Legacy wastes in the coastal zone: Environmental risks and management futures; and, Monitoring restoration impacts and environmental conditions at Loch Leven (UK SCAPE).

Selected publications
Other Publications

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