Professional summary

Research Interests

My research focuses on exploring how we can use land in a way that is sustainable, in terms of both protecting nature and ensuring human benefits, with an especial focus on sustainable agriculture.  I use a wide variety of mapped datasets to do this, from historic field survey maps to the most recent images from satellites.  I specialise in using Geographic Information Systems to explore these data and uncover spatial patterns and relationships.  My work therefore involves the collection, handling and analysis of spatial datasets for a wide range of ecological systems, from individual organisms to whole landscapes. My research areas include:

  • Spatial ecology of beneficial insects across farmland landscapes
  • Testing and application of models for ecosystem service delivery under scenarios of future land use
  • Restoration and sustainable management of habitats at farm- to landscape-scales

For the past five years I have worked on the ASSIST project, researching the influences of local- to landscape-scale environmental context on agricultural productivity and the impact of current and future agricultural practices on the environment.  I have recently led development of the ASSIST Scenario Exploration Tool (ASSET) and E-Planner tools, which translate ASSIST data, models and research into tools that farmers and policymakers can use to inform decision making. I am currently a work package lead on the follow up to ASSIST, AgZero+.

Brief CV

  • 2013- Present: Spatial Ecologist and Earth Observation Scientist , UK CEH Wallingford
  • 2008 - 2010: GIS support and field assistance at CEH, CEH Monks Wood and CEH Wallingford


  • 2020, PhD, "Spatial modelling of insect delivered ecosystem services", University of Reading

  • 2008, MRes Ecology and Environmental Management, University of York

  • 2007, BSc Biology (1st Class), Durham University

Panels, committees and memberships

  • British Trust for Ornithology
  • British Ecological Society