Professional summary

John Day is a molecular biologist contributing to groundbreaking research within the Molecular Ecology Group at UKCEH. Specializing in molecular diagnostics, his expertise spans genotyping, qPCR, and advanced applications such as metabarcoding and metagenomics. With a versatile skill set, he has significantly impacted diverse scientific domains, encompassing population genetics, evolutionary biology, gene quantification, genomics, and innovative commercial ventures.

A proven research leader, John has successfully managed research projects funded by reputable bodies such as Dstl, the Environment Agency, NERC, and the Wellcome Trust. His pivotal research areas include unraveling the genetic intricacies of bioluminescence in fireflies and glow-worms. Additionally, he has pioneered the development of molecular tools, shedding light on the population dynamics of Leishmania vectors in South America and the hematophagous behavior of African blackflies.

John's research extends to the evaluation of a molecular-based approach for river invertebrate identification, utilizing DNA barcodes for Simuliidae. Notably, he employs microsatellite genotyping to explore gene flow and migration in butterfly populations across Southern England.

With a robust track record in cutting-edge molecular biology, John Day is at the forefront of scientific innovation, bridging the gap between academic excellence and real-world applications.