Selected Publications


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Rowe Ed; Toberman Hannah; Adams Jessica; Lawlor Alan; Thacker Sarah; Patel Manisha; Tipping Edward; , Survey of bracken biomass, soil chemistry and other environmental factors in Snowdonia and the Lake District in 2014 [LTLS].

Toberman Hannah; Adams Jessica; Tipping Edward; Schillereff Dan; Somerville Cayman; Coull M; Helliwell R; Carter Heather; Guyatt Hayley; Keenan Patrick; Lawlor Alan; Dos Santos Pereira Gloria; Patel Manisha; Tanna Binoti; Thacker Sarah; Thompson Nicola; Owens J; Gibbs S; Smith D; Bryant Charlotte; Eliott F; Gulliver P; , Soil survey in England, Scotland and Wales carried out during 2013 and 2014 [LTLS]. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre.