Professional summary

Jenny is a wetland scientist specialising in the biogeochemical functioning of peatlands, with particular interest in the impacts of land management, and has worked on this subject within the research and water industry sectors for 11 years. She is currently working on projects developing the mapping of peatland location and condition using satellite imagery and is leading work monitoring the impacts of restoration management on lowland raised bogs as part of the EU project LIFE for Welsh Raised Bogs.

She has led projects mapping land use on peat across Wales for Natural Resources Wales and in Snowdonia for the National Park Authority, and work investigating hydrological and vegetation responses to blanket bog rewetting for the National Trust. Jenny has carried out fieldwork monitoring vegetation, greenhouse gas emissions and hydrology in upland and lowland peatlands in the UK and in tropical peatlands in Indonesia.

Other Publications

C Robb, A Pickard, JL Williamson, A Fitch, C Evans. Peat Drainage Ditch Mapping from Aerial Imagery Using a Convolutional Neural Network - Remote Sensing, 2023

Williamson, J., Tye, A., Lapworth, D., et al (2021). Landscape controls on riverine export of dissolved organic carbon from Great Britain. Biogeochemistry.

Evans, C.D., Peacock, M., Baird, A.J. et al. Overriding water table control on managed peatland greenhouse gas emissions. Nature 593, 548–552 (2021).


Evans, C., Williamson, J., Kacaribu, F., Irawan, D., Suardiewrianto Y., Hidayat, M., Lauren A., Page, S. (2019). Rates and spatial variability of peat subsidence in Acacia plantation and forest landscapes in Sumatra, Indonesia. Geoderma 338, 410-421.