Professional summary

Dr Scheffler is a meteorologist and atmospheric modeller with an interest in atmospheric chemistry. 

She is involved in multiple projects looking at air quality from a multitude of perspectives, such as: the impact of wild fires on air quality and how that may be affected by a changing climate; how different land covers change air quality, in particular nature based solutions; the impact of different emission sources on air quality; and, modelling the UK and European Air Quality in the past and present. 

Other Publications

Harrison, Paula A; Beauchamp, Kate; Cooper, Joe; Dickie, Ian; Fitch, Alice; Gooday, Richard; Hollaway, Michael; Holman, Ian P.; Hunt, Merryn; Jones, Laurence; Mondain-Monval, Thomas; Sandars, Daniel; Siriwardena, Gavin; Seaton, Fiona; Smart, Simon; Thomas, Amy; West, Bede; Whittaker, Freya; Carnell, Ed; Matthews, Robert W.; Neupauer, Sophie; Saraev, Vadim; Scheffler, Janice; Trembath, Philip; Vieno, Massimo; Williams, Adrian C.; Dunford, Robert W. 2023 An adaptable integrated modelling platform to support rapidly evolving agricultural and environmental policy. Environmental Modelling & Software, 169, 105821. 18, pp.