Professional summary

James is an expert, with over 20 years' experience, in soil hydrological processes and associated numerical modelling, monitoring, field and laboratory analyses.

Current research interests include: (i.) Establishment of a UK Floods and Droughts Research Infrastructure; (ii.) Evaluating the hydrological impact of natural flood management measures, particularly lowland soil and land use management; (iii.) Monitoring wide area soil moisture using cosmic ray neutron sensors; and (iv.) Improved communication of scientific research and integration of lay and stakeholder knowledge.

Broader research interests include: (i.) Sub-surface saturated-unsaturated hydrological processes and modelling; (ii.) Modelling the potential hydrological impacts of drought; (iii.) Modelling the potential impacts of climate change on wetlands and assessing the hydrological feasibility of wetland restoration; (iv.) Monitoring and modelling sustainable and conventional drainage systems and their interaction with sub-surface hydrology; (v.) Hillslope hydrology-stability modelling; (vi.) Ultrasonic doppler flow monitoring; (vii.) Hydrological model development and application; and (viii.) Data visualisation, processing and GIS analysis.

James holds an MSci (1st) in Geography and a PhD in Hydrology, both from the University of Bristol.