Professional summary

Research Interests

My area of expertise is the response of freshwater micro-organisms to changes in their environment, caused by both natural variation (e.g., temperature, season) and anthropogenic perturbations (e.g., pollutant, nutrient enrichment).


2021 PhD, Université Laval. Salinization of lacustrine ecosystems by road salts: chemical perturbations and response of microbial communities. [In French, Salinisation des           écosystèmes lacustres par les sels de voirie: perturbations chimiques et réponses des communautés microbiennes]

2016 MSc Water science,  Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique - Eau Terre Environnement. 

2013 BSc Biology, Université du Québec à Rimouski.


  • Fournier Isabelle; Hutchins Michael; Old Gareth; Nicholls David; Armstrong Linda; Trill Emily; Rameshwaran Ponnambalam; Bowes Mike; , 2022, RTS water and sediment assessment report: report on the water quality, sediment and chlorophyll dynamics within the Jubilee River (2018 – 2021).

  • Bowes Michael; Fournier Isabelle; Nicholls David; Armstrong Linda; Williams Michelle; Read Daniel; , 2022, Algal growth rate studies for the Thames Basin Water Resource Options (2021).

  • Bowes Michael; Fournier Isabelle; Read Daniel; Scarlett Pete; Nicholls David; Armstrong Linda; Williams Michelle; , 2022, Estimating the impact of SESRO flow support on phytoplankton growth and community structure in the River Thames: application of eutrophication risk modelling.