Professional summary

Isabella is Manager of the National River Flow Archive (NRFA) which acts as the main focal point for hydrometric data in the UK, providing stewardship of, and access to, daily, monthly and flood peak river flow data from over 1,500 gauging stations across the UK. 

Before this, Isabella’s role was as Data Co-ordinator for the NERC funded Analysis of Historic Droughts and Water Scarcity project where she liaised with partners to identify the datasets that would form part of the novel Drought Inventory that she helped to design and build as part of the project.

Isabella has also worked as Project Manager for the NERC Water Security Knowledge Exchange Programme and been involved in the management of large European research projects facilitating the implementation of integrated water management and the Water Framework Directive.

Earlier in her career, Isabella was Data Centre Manager for the LOIS, ED, URGENT, CHASM and LOCAR Thematic Programme Data Centres. She was responsible for establishing and implementing Data Policies and Data Management Plans. Data management responsibilities included: identifying user requirements; defining data dictionaries and standards; acquiring data from scientists and third parties; storing the data in the WIS database; developing metadata tools; data dissemination and exploitation; and, ensuring that all programme researchers received the information they required for their science projects.