Professional summary

Research Interests

The focus of my research is soil functionality at the landscape scale.  Changes in the use of the land cause modifications in the characteristics of the soil. For example soil structure, soil carbon and nutrient content, and microbial population and diversity are properties affected by soil use and soil management.  Changes in climatic conditions also alter the equilibrium in natural ecosystems where we observe shifts in vegetation and invasive species populating areas where they were not found before. How these new vegetative systems alter the distribution of natural resources needs to be addressed in order to attain sustainable systems. Within the framework of the soil natural capital concept we quantify spatially and temporally properties affecting soil function and soil services.


Brief CV

USDA Salinity Laboratory, USA                     1989 - 2004               

Utah State University, USA                           2004 - 2005               

Stanford University, USA                              2005 - 2008                

University of the West  Indies, Trinidad         2008 - 2009  

CEH Bangor                                                2010- present


BSc.  Chemistry (Spain, 1982)

MSc. Water quality (Spain, 1984)

PhD. Soil chemistry (Spain, 1989)