Professional summary

Helen is a hydrological modeller specialising in model development; her research interests include integrated water resource modelling and the representation of anthropogenic influences in hydrological models. She is a member of the Water Resources Systems Group at UKCEH, and has worked with a range of models on projects in the UK, India, and South America, in water resources and water quality modelling.

Helen is currently working on the inclusion and improved representation of anthropogenic influences within various models, including the land surface model JULES, the Unified Framework for Hydrology (UniFHy), and the Global Water AVailability Assessment (GWAVA) model. She is particularly interested in connecting water resource functionality with different components of the terrestrial water cycle to allow for integrated water resource assessments, for example, modelling water scarcity in Southern India with an improved groundwater representation in the GWAVA model for the UPSCAPE project (Newton-Bhabha fund, SWR).

She is also investigating novel data driven methods to drive water resource assessments and as forecasting tools, and is keen to explore the potential of machine learning and digital twins in modelling water resources and water quality.