Professional summary

Research Interests

I have experience of a broad range of analytical methods used in both nutrient and organic analyses in environmental samples from surface waters, ground waters, atmospheric gases, agricultural run-off, soils and biota. My specialist areas are;

  • Soxhlet and microwave extraction for polar compounds, PAH's, PCB's, OC's, PBDE's
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography and Solid Phase Extraction clean-up techniques
  • GCMS and GCMSMS analyses
  • Pyrolysis coupled GCMS mainly for the analysis of polymers
  • Extraction of Rodenticides in Biota
  • Analysing metabolities using GC-QTOF data in Unify software
  • Methods for nutrient analyses including ion chromatography, high temperature combustion and colorimetry for both waters and soils, as well as soil and vegetation extractions
  • Instrument maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Laboratory and sample management systems
  • Microplate and RadioImmunoAssay experience
  • Fecal Indicator Organism Analysis for E.Coli 

Brief CV

  • Analyst within the Centralised Chemistry Team at Lancaster since 2012

  • Analyst within the Centre for Sustainable Water Management, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University 2010-2012

  • Research Technician at CEH Lancaster 2008-2010


I have a BSc Hons in Combined Science from Lancaster University, with modules in Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering.

I have a full first aid at work certification