Professional summary

Research Interests

As the Leader of the Land Use and Ecosystem Modelling Group, I line-manage a team of 6 scientists and data managers, and project-manage several science projects as outlined below:


Emissions and Removals of Greenhouse Gases within the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) Sector of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. This work is funded by DECC in collaboration with Defra, the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland, and the project is led by CEH, with additional input from colleagues in Forest Research and Ricardo-AEA.

LULUCF - Wetlands Supplement

A two year project funded by DECC to look at how best to implement the methodological guidance contained within the IPCC’s 2013 Wetland Supplement for the quantification and accounting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals associated with the management of different wetland types in the UK's LULUCF Inventory (see above). The area of greatest relevance to the UK, is on the drainage and re-wetting of organic soils (i.e. managed peatlands).  

Brief CV

2008-                              Project Manager for the DECC-funded project to produce the Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector of the UK’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory.  

2008-                              Project Manager of the CEH Rural Heavy Metals Monitoring Network commissioned by Defra, and since 2014, via a sub-contract to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

2008-2011                     Project Manager of the Defra-funded Review of Transboundary Air Pollution (RoTAP)

2004-                              Transferred to CEH Edinburgh taking on the role of Science Programme Coordinator for the Biogeochemistry Programme (including Sustainable Economies and Climate Change Themes)

2002                 Promoted to Senior Scientific Officer (NERC Band 5)

2000-2004        Management of the Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme. Coordinating receipt of bird of prey carcases and eggs, post-mortem examination of the carcase, preparation of tissue sample for analysis of pesticides, industrial chemicals and heavy metals) and evaluation of the data generated.

2000                 Attended WHO Task Group meeting preparing Environmental Health Criteria on Palladium; acted as rapporteur.

1999                 Attended WHO Task Group meeting preparing Environmental Health Criteria on Vinyl Chloride; acted as rapporteur.

1997                 Attended WHO Task Group meeting preparing Environmental Health Criteria on Acetone

1996                  Attended WHO Task Group meeting preparing Environmental Health Criteria on Methanol; acted as rapporteur.

1996                               Wrote the chapters of the WHO Environmental Health Criteria on Zinc which reviewed the fate of zinc in the environment and its effects on wildlife. Attended WHO Task Group meeting preparing Environmental Health Criteria on zinc; acted as rapporteur. Facilitated Environmental Discussion Group at an International Meeting on Zinc.

1996-                             Joined the Advisory Board of Pesticide Outlook, a journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

1996                               Wrote report in conjunction with WRc for the Department of the Environment evaluating Environmental Risk Standards in the UK.

1995                               Attended WHO Task Group meetings preparing Environmental Health Criteria for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Organic Flame Retardants.

1995                               Promoted to Higher Scientific Officer.


1994                               Attended WHO Task Group meetings preparing Environmental Health Criteria for Thallium, Isophorone and Chlordenic Acid / Chlordenic Anhydride.

1994                               Wrote report for HMIP to determine an Environmental Assessment Level for Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

1993                               Wrote report for the Department of the Environment assessing the contamination of wildlife from landfill operations.                 

1993                               Attended WHO Task Group meeting to prepare Environmental Health Criteria for Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate (LAS); acted as rapporteur.

1993                               Wrote reports for Her majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution (HMIP) reviewing the effects of dioxins on human health and aquatic organisms. The latter was used to determine the water quality standard for dioxins.

1992-93                        Wrote the Environmental Toxicity Sections for the Department of the Environment's Environmental Hazard Assessments of ethylene glycol and methanol. This was part of a contract funded by the Department of Environment which assessed the hazards of "existing chemicals".

1991                               Assisted in the organisation of two WHO Task Groups for Environmental Health Criteria documents on Cadmium and 1,1,1-trichlorethane.

1990-99                        Preparation of a database on Prescribed Substances (chemicals hazardous to organisms or humans following exposure from atmospheric, aquatic or terrestrial routes) for the Environment Agency (and formerly Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution). The database forms part of the Environment Agency Substance Information System (EASIS) and is used to allow assessment of industrial discharges to the environment.


1990-2004                    Preparation of biological samples for analysis for organo-chlorine compounds and toxic elements, with evaluation of the results.  Samples analysed include organs such as liver and blubber, fluids such as blood, plasma and serum, feathers and sediment.


Looking for non-invasive methods of assessing presence and effects of pollutants in animals and monitoring model populations of birds for uptake and effects of pollutants.


Commenced employment at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Monks Wood (Currently known as Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)




BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, Napier University, Edinburgh. Degree Obtained 2:1. Specialist subjects included Ecotoxicology, Toxicology, Analytical Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences. 1986-1990

TUC Health & Safety at Work Stage 1 Certificate 1993

NEBOSH National General Certificate In Occupational Safety and Health 2003





Panels, committees and memberships

Member of the Royal Society of Biology (Chartered Biologist) since 1999