Professional summary

Research Interests

I am a UKCEH Fellow and plant ecophysiologist. I led a team of researchers quantifying the impacts of air pollution on vegetation at CEH’s Bangor research site.

My research involves experimental investigations of the effects of ozone (alone and in combination with nitrogen pollutants, drought, heat and/or flooding) on plant and soil processes using solardome- and field-based exposure systems at CEH Bangor. One of our current projects researches the effects of ozone on African crops including investigating ways to reduce the negative effects of the pollutant. The physiological and yield measurements from these experiments are being used to develop models to show the areas of Sub Saharan Africa that are at risk of yield loss due to ozone. We have also developed methods for modelling the effects of ozone on crops and natural ecosystems at the National, European and Global scales.  For example, we have produced maps and quantified the impacts of ozone on crop production in developing and developed countries and have interpreted these effects in the context of UN Sustainable Development goals related to food security.  I have also been actively involved in the IGAC Global Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report, leading the chapter on vegetation metrics that describes ozone concentrations and trends at over 3000 rural sites from around the world.

A key part of my role at CEH is to be the Head of the Programme Coordination Centre for the ICP Vegetation, a programme involving over 200 scientists from 50 countries that reports to the UN LRTAP Convention* on air pollution impacts on vegetation. This role involves coordinating the development of risk assessment methods for the effects of ozone on vegetation as well as contributing to the scientific evidence base for the development of air quality policies at the United Nations. For example, I have led the development and application of flux-based critical levels for ozone, collating field evidence of ozone effects and quantifying the economic losses due to ozone effects on crops in Europe. 

* Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

Research areas:

  • Effects of multiple stresses on crops, grasslands and trees
  • Impacts of air pollution on food security, carbon sequestration and biodiversity
  • Quantification of impacts of air pollution at a range of scales from local to global
  • Science to policy


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Brief CV

  • Guest Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2016 to date (including a 4 month secondment to Gothenburg in 2016)
  • Group Leader, Air Pollution Impacts, Analytical & Data Resources, CEH Bangor, 2013 to 2017
  • Member of CEH Bangor Science Management Team, 2006 to 2018
  • Band 4 Scientist, CEH Bangor, 2008 to date
  • Band 5 scientist, CEH Bangor, 1998 - 2008
  • Senior Lecturer in Applied Plant Sciences, Nottingham Trent University, 1991 – 1998
  • Post-Doctoral research Assistant, University of Nottingham, 1986 – 1991
  • Post-Doctoral research Assistant, Nottingham Trent University, 1984 – 1986


  • PhD Plant sciences, Nottingham Trent University
  • BSc Biological Sciences, University of Nottingham