Professional summary

Brief CV

I have extensive web development experience ranging from HTML to IIS server management. After twelve years as a web developer at the British Geological Survey, I joined UKCEH in May 2018 to learn about freshwater and help deliver water data via the web. I specialise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (including node.js). Since joining UKCEH, I have gained data processing skills using Python.


  • Enhanced Future Flows and Groundwater (eFLaG) Portal; explore the eFLaG data which are set a nationally consistent climatological and hydrological projections for 200 river flow catchments, 588 groundwater bodies and 54 groundwater boreholes covering the UK up to 2080.
  • Hydrology in West Africa Portal; Projected future changes in river flows across West Africa and Nowcasting in West Africa
  • Loch Leven Portal was funded by the William Grant Foundation and showcases our longterm freshwater monitoring.
  • MERLIN project case studies; MERLIN learns from 17 best-practice case-study demonstrators in terms of innovative restoration measures, types of governance and financing frameworks.
  • NCEA freshwater data portal is the third version of the freshwater data explorer designed to ingest new datasets easily.
  • Thailand Drought Data Explorer: produced by the 'Strengthening Thailand's Agricultural drought Resilience' (STAR) project


  • UK Hydrological Outlooks Portal provides interactive, dynamic access to visualise the model outputs from the Hydrological Outlook, both spatially and in the form of a number of time series.
  • HydroSOS demonstrator portal for the World Meteorological Organisation, a WMO Hydrological Status and Outlook System
  • Development of the Freshwater data explorer - combining citizen science data with data from other sources so we can start to build a clearer picture of what is happening in the environment.



  • COSMOS-UK, network, data and site detail webpage creation.
  • updates to the NRFA website, including new live data pages.
  • updates to the Lakes portal, including connectivity information and links to the National Biodiversity Network.
  • development of several prototype portals for water resources.


BA (Hons) Multimedia Communication Studies, 2:2. June 2003. University of Wolverhampton.