Professional summary

Gary is a quantitative ecologist with a diverse background in ecology and conservation. His research focuses on utilising large-scale, long-term ecological data to investigate the repercussions of environmental change on biodiversity. Employing diverse quantitative techniques, Gary investigates the fundamental processes influencing changes in species abundance and distribution. This research is pivotal for forecasting the impacts of environmental change and safeguarding species.

Gary specialises in extracting meaningful insights from extensive citizen science datasets, comprising millions of records gathered by volunteers without standardized protocols. Analysing such data poses unique challenges, from missing values to variation in recording effort over time and space. To address these complexities, Gary develops and employs sophisticated models, ranging from hierarchical occupancy models fitted within a Bayesian framework to Species Distribution Models (SDMs) fitted using deep learning.

Gary's research extends to developing and utilising risk-of-bias assessments, ensuring the quality and credibility of model outputs are effectively communicated in all research outputs. This thorough approach underscores the reliability and integrity of research findings, enhancing their impact and relevance in the scientific community, for policy makers and beyond.


Selected publications