Professional summary

Garry has a D. Phil. in Chemistry from the University of Oxford for his work on the infrared spectroscopy of weakly-bound molecular clusters.

Garry’s current research interests cover land-atmosphere interactions (particularly biogeochemical), land surface and Earth system modelling and the use of measurements, including Earth Observation and remote sensing data, for model evaluation. Garry is the UKCEH lead of collaborative projects on the development and application of UK Earth System models. He is also the UKCEH lead for a project on peatlands (MotherShip). He was previously involved in research projects to assess and develop the methane wetland emission parameterisation in the JULES land surface model (

Prior to joining UKCEH, Garry had an extensive background in atmospheric science, with over 25-years’ experience of atmospheric chemistry and air pollution issues. He worked on many of the issues of concern: polar ozone depletion (or ‘Ozone Holes’), acid deposition, photochemical oxidant formation in the lower troposphere and on particulate matter.  The research was initially laboratory-based but later became focused on measurements and modelling.

Garry is the Science Officer in the International Project Office of iLEAPS, the Integrated Land Ecosystem Atmospheric Processes study, a Future Earth Global Research Network. He uses his expertise in land ecosystem-atmosphere interactions to further the aims of iLEAPS and its contribution to societal challenges arising from climate change and sustainable development ( Garry was a member of the mission advisory group for CarbonSat (2011-2015), a candidate instrument for the European Space Agency’s Earth Explorer 8 mission.

Selected publications
Other Publications

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