Dr. Francis Daunt

Selected Publications


Hicks Olivia; Green Jonathan A.; Daunt Francis; Cunningham Emma J.A.; Newell Mark; Butler Adam; Burthe Sarah J.; , 2019, Sublethal effects of natural parasitism act through maternal, but not paternal, reproductive success in a wild population. Ecology, 100

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Wanless Sarah; Harris Michael P.; Newell Mark A.; Speakman John R.; Daunt Francis; , 2018, Community-wide decline in the occurrence of lesser sandeels Ammodytes marinus in seabird chick diets at a North Sea colony. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 600, 193-206

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Hicks Olivia; Burthe Sarah; Daunt Francis; Butler Adam; Bishop Charles; Green Jonathan A.; , 2017, Validating accelerometry estimates of energy expenditure across behaviours using heart rate data in a free-living seabird. Journal of Experimental Biology