Dr. Francis Daunt

Selected Publications


Wanless Sarah; Harris Michael P.; Newell Mark A.; Speakman John R.; Daunt Francis; , 2018, Community-wide decline in the occurrence of lesser sandeels Ammodytes marinus in seabird chick diets at a North Sea colony. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 600, 193-206

St John Glew Katie; Wanless Sarah; Harris Michael P.; Daunt Francis; Erikstad Kjell Einar; Strøm Hallvard; Trueman Clive N.; , 2018, Moult location and diet of auks in the North Sea inferred from coupled light-based and isotope-based geolocation. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 599, 239-251

Riddick Stuart N.; Dragosits Ulrike; Blackall Trevor D.; Tomlinson Sam J.; Daunt Francis; Wanless Sarah; Hallsworth Stephen; Braban Christine F.; Tang Y. Sim; Sutton Mark A.; , 2018, Global assessment of the effect of climate change on ammonia emissions from seabirds. Atmospheric Environment, 184, 212-223

Hicks Olivia; Burthe Sarah J.; Daunt Francis; Newell Mark; Butler Adam; Ito Motohiro; Sato Katsufumi; Green Jonathan A.; , 2018, The energetic cost of parasitism in a wild population. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 285

Reid Jane M.; Travis Justin M.J.; Daunt Francis; Burthe Sarah J.; Wanless Sarah; Dytham Calvin; , 2018, Population and evolutionary dynamics in spatially structured seasonally varying environments. Biological Reviews

Howells Richard J.; Burthe Sarah J.; Green Jon A.; Harris Michael P.; Newell Mark A.; Butler Adam; Johns David G.; Carnell Edward J.; Wanless Sarah; Daunt Francis; , 2017, From days to decades: short- and long-term variation in environmental conditions affect offspring diet composition of a marine top predator. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 583, 227-242

Sydeman William J.; Thompson Sarah Ann; Anker-Nilssen Tycho; Arimitsu Mayumi; Bennison Ashley; Bertrand Sophie; Boersch-Supan Philipp; Boyd Charlotte; Bransome Nicole C.; Crawford Robert J.M.; Daunt Francis; Furness Robert W.; Gianuca Dimas; Gladics Amanda; Koehn Laura; Lang Jennifer W.; Logerwell Elizabeth; Morris Taryn L.; Phillips Elizabeth M.; Provencher Jennifer; Punt André E.; Saraux Claire; Shannon Lynne; Sherley Richard B.; Simeone Alejandro; Wanless Ross M.; Wanless Sarah; Zador Stephani; , 2017, Best practices for assessing forage fish fisheries-seabird resource competition. Fisheries Research, 194, 209-221

Phillips Richard A.; Lewis Sue; González-Solís Jacob; Daunt Francis; , 2017, Causes and consequences of individual variability and specialization in foraging and migration strategies of seabirds. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 578, 117-150

Grist Hannah; Daunt Francis; Wanless Sarah; Burthe Sarah J.; Newell Mark A.; Harris Mike P.; Reid Jane M.; , 2017, Reproductive performance of resident and migrant males, females and pairs in a partially migratory bird. Journal of Animal Ecology, 86, 1010-1021

Riddick S.N.; Blackall T.D.; Dragosits U.; Tang Y.S.; Moring A.; Daunt F.; Wanless S.; Hamer K.C.; Sutton M.A.; , 2017, High temporal resolution modelling of environmentally-dependent seabird ammonia emissions: description and testing of the GUANO model. Atmospheric Environment, 161, 48-60

Reichert Sophie; Froy Hannah; Boner Winnie; Burg Theresa M.; Daunt Francis; Gillespie Robert; Griffiths Kate; Lewis Sue; Phillips Richard A.; Nussey Dan H.; Monaghan Pat; , 2017, Telomere length measurement by qPCR in birds is affected by storage method of blood samples. Oecologia

Bogdanova Maria I.; Butler Adam; Wanless Sarah; Moe Børge; Anker-Nilssen Tycho; Frederiksen Morten; Boulinier Thierry; Chivers Lorraine S.; Christensen-Dalsgaard Signe; Descamps Sébastien; Harris Michael P.; Newell Mark; Olsen Bergur; Phillips Richard A.; Shaw Deryk; Steen Harald; Strøm Hallvard; Thórarinsson Thorkell L.; Daunt Francis; , 2017, Multi-colony tracking reveals spatio-temporal variation in carry-over effects between breeding success and winter movements in a pelagic seabird. Marine Ecology Progress Series

Hicks Olivia; Burthe Sarah; Daunt Francis; Butler Adam; Bishop Charles; Green Jonathan A.; , 2017, Validating accelerometry estimates of energy expenditure across behaviours using heart rate data in a free-living seabird. Journal of Experimental Biology

Newbold Lindsay K.; Burthe Sarah J.; Oliver Anna E.; Gweon Hyun G.; Barnes Christopher J.; Daunt Francis; van der Gast Christopher J.; , 2016, Helminth burden and ecological factors associated with alterations in wild host gastrointestinal microbiota. ISME Journal

Thanou Evanthia; Sponza Stefano; Nelson Emily J.; Perry Annika; Wanless Sarah; Daunt Francis; Cavers Stephen; , 2016, Genetic structure in the European endemic seabird, Phalacrocorax aristotelis, was shaped by a complex interaction of historical and contemporary, physical and non-physical drivers. Molecular Ecology

Granroth-Wilding H.M.V.; Daunt F.; Cunningham E.J.A.; Burthe S.J.; , 2016, Between-individual variation in nematode burden among juveniles in a wild host. Parasitology

Spears Bryan M.; Carvalho Laurence; Futter Martyn N.; May Linda; Thackeray Stephen J.; Adrian Rita; Angeler David G.; Burthe Sarah J.; Davidson Tom A.; Daunt Francis; Gsell Alena S.; Hessen Dag O.; Moorhouse Heather; Huser Brian; Ives Stephen C.; Janssen Annette B.G.; Mackay Eleanor B.; Søndergaard Martin; Jeppesen Erik; , 2016, Ecological instability in lakes: a predictable condition?. , 50, 3285-3286

Wood Kevin A.; Stillman Richard A.; Clarke Ralph T.; Daunt Francis; O'Hare Matthew T.; , 2016, Water velocity limits the temporal extent of herbivore effects on aquatic plants in a lowland river.

Wood Kevin A.; O'Hare Matthew T.; McDonald Claire; Searle Kate R.; Daunt Francis; Stillman Richard A.; , 2016, Herbivore regulation of plant abundance in aquatic ecosystems.

Riddick S.N.; Blackall T.D.; Dragosits U.; Daunt F.; Newell M.; Braban C.F.; Tang Y.S.; Schmale J.; Hill P.W.; Wanless S.; Trathan P.; Sutton M.A.; , 2016, Measurement of ammonia emissions from temperate and sub-polar seabird colonies.