Professional summary

Faiza Samreen has a PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University. She specialised in designing and developing scalable, interoperable, and resilient distributed systems that harness the capabilities of cloud computing and cloud-native architecture. With over 14 years of professional experience serving both national and international organisations and higher education institutes, she has consistently demonstrated a profound understanding of software engineering principles and cloud technologies, applying them to solve real-world challenges. Valuing interdisciplinary collaboration, Faiza eagerly collaborated with experts from various fields, including environmental scientists, data scientists, statisticians, and machine learning specialists - this has led to the creation of innovative and robust solutions.

In her role as a Software Systems Architect at UKCEH, she enjoys contributing to the multidisciplinary research environment, particularly in the domains of integrative, collaborative and reproducible environmental science. Faiza is committed to ongoing learning and stays informed of the latest developments in computer science and software engineering. She is dedicated to driving technological innovations in support of the UKCEH Digital Strategy for sustainable Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) futures.

Faiza has a strong track record in academic contributions, has 14 publications in prestigious journals such as IEEE Transaction on Cloud Computing, Journal of Environmental Modelling and Software, ACM Computing Surveys, IEEE/IFIP NOMS, and ICSE, as well as presenting at conferences with seven abstracts accepted at the American Geophysics Union and the European Geophysics Union. 

She is open to discussing how her expertise can enhance your research initiatives and address complex scientific questions.