Professional summary

Emma's current research topic is land-atmosphere interaction, specifically using Earth Observation and model data to characterise land (particularly soil moisture) influence on the lower atmosphere, with a focus on extreme storms.

Current Projects

LMCS - Exploring the influence of the land surface on intense storms globally using observations and k-scale simulations.

Past Projects

GCRF AFRICAN SWIFT – Major African-UK science collaboration, building capacity in African weather forecasting on multiple timescales.

CASPER – In collaboration with Indian partners, evaluation of high-resolution forecast model behaviour over the Indian summer monsoon region with particular focus on extreme rainfall events. 

PORCELAIN – UK collaboration with Chinese partners to understand the influence of land-atmosphere interactions on the East Asian monsoon. 

VERA – Understanding the impact of vegetation on extreme storms in West Africa. 

INCOMPASS – Major India-UK monsoon science collaboration, improving forecasting of the Indian summer monsoon through characterisation of key land-atmosphere feedbacks.