Professional summary

Research Interests

I am an ecotoxicologist whose work focuses on understanding the fate and effects of chemical pollutants in the environment, with experience ranging across nanomaterials, microplastics, pesticides and metals in aquatic and terrestrial systems. I am particularly interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms of toxicity, linking the biological fate of pollutants with their toxic effects in organisms. Understanding these mechanisms are particularly valuable when we consider organisms differ in their sensitivity to chemicals but testing of all species and all chemicals is not possible, posing a major challenge in risk assessment. My research contributes to supporting the development of evidence-based risk approaches for chemical management.


Recent publications

Lahive, Elma; Cross, Richard; Saarloos, Aafke I; Horton, Alice A; Svendsen, Claus; Hufenus, Rudolf; Mitrano, Denise M; 2022 Earthworms ingest microplastic fibres and nanoplastics with effects on egestion rate and long-term retention Science of the Total Environment  807151022

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Short, Stephen; Robinson, Alex; Lahive, Elma; Green Etxabe, Amaia; Hernádi, Szabolcs; Pereira, M Glória; Kille, Peter; Spurgeon, David J; 2021 Off-target stoichiometric binding identified from toxicogenomics explains why some species are more sensitive than others to a widely used neonicotinoid Environmental Science & Technology 5553059-3069

Lahive, E; Schultz, CL; Van Gestel, CAM; Robinson, A; Horton, AA; Spurgeon, DJ; Svendsen, C; Busquets‐Fité, M; Matzke, M; Green Etxabe, A; 2021 A Kinetic Approach for Assessing the Uptake of Ag from Pristine and sulfidized Ag Nanomaterials to Plants Environmental toxicology and chemistry 4071859-1870

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Schultz, Carolin L; Bart, Sylvain; Lahive, Elma; Spurgeon, David J; 2021 What is on the outside matters—surface charge and dissolve organic matter association affect the toxicity and physiological mode of action of polystyrene nanoplastics to C. elegans Environmental Science & Technology 5596065-6075

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Heinze, Wiebke Mareile; Mitrano, Denise M; Lahive, Elma; Koestel, John; Cornelis, Geert; 2021 Nanoplastic transport in soil via bioturbation by Lumbricus terrestris Environmental science & technology 552416423-16433

Horton, Alice A; Newbold, Lindsay K; Palacio-Cortés, Angela M; Spurgeon, David J; Pereira, M Glória; Carter, Heather; Gweon, Hyun S; Vijver, Martina G; Van Bodegom, Peter M; da Silva, Mario Antonio Navarro; Lahive Elma; 2020 Accumulation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers and microbiome response in the great pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis with exposure to nylon (polyamide) microplastics Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety188109882

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Spurgeon, David J; Lahive, Elma; Schultz, Carolin L; 2020 Nanomaterial transformations in the environment: effects of changing exposure forms on bioaccumulation and toxicity Small 16362000618




Brief CV

May 2011 - present: Ecotoxicologist,  UKCEH 

Mar - May 2011: Scientific Manager on the UV4Growth EU COST Action, Univeristy College Cork, Ireland

Oct 2006 - Mar 2011: PhD scholarship funded by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology studying zinc metabolism in duckweeds focussing on bioavailability and trophic transfer. University College Cork, Ireland

Oct 2002 - Sept 2006: BSc Environmental Science University College Cork, Ireland