Professional summary

Research Interests

Eleanor provides leadership on understanding and modelling the land system. In particular the role that the land plays in mitigating the climate system and its impact on water cycle. 


Brief CV

Eleanor's main area of work is to represent the land surface in meteorological and hydrological models. This includes using data from different biomes of the world to test and calibrate the JULES model, assessing methods to represent heterogeneous terrain (snow, vegetation, soil moisture, topography) and representing key hydrological processes in meteorological land surface schemes such as evaporation, soil processes, soil freezing, snow processes and hydrology. She has a keen interest in using data to test and develop models. She has recently been focussing on developing a protocol using global, gridded evaporation data to evaluate an ensemble of models.

Eleanor is currently managing the science in several major projects for NERC and the EU.

Positions held

Editor for Land in the AGU Journal for Advances in Modelling Earth Systems (JAMES)

Member of GEWEX-GLASS representing Benchmarking

Chair of the Science and Applications committee of JULES

Recent selected publications

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