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Research Interests

I am currently working on the UKs Earth System Modelling project (, evaluating and building in new processes to the land-surface component, JULES ( My main focus is the evaluation of causes of tree disturbance and representation of fire in dynamic vegetation models.




DI Kelley , C Burton , C Huntingford, MA Brown, R Whitley, N Dong  (2021) Low meteorological influence found in 2019 Amazonia fires. Biogeosciences. Feb 4;18(3):787-804.

DI Kelley, I Bistinas, R Whitley, C Burton, TR Marthews,  N Dong (2019) How contemporary bioclimatic and human controls change global fire regimes. Nature Climate Change. Sep;9(9):690-6.



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Other publications

R Adzhar, DI Kelley, F Gerard. Reassessing MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields tree cover performance in tropical forests and savannas, (2021) Biogeosciences discussions

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