Professional summary

Research Interests

I am a land surface modeller with particular interests in hydrology and its interactions with other biogeochemical processes. Most of my recent work has used the JULES land surface model and often considers the large spatial scales typical of climate and earth system models. In particular I am interested in:

  • making the hydrology of JULES more realistic, for example by including better representations of flooding, dams and reservoirs, and groundwater
  • developing the JULES model so that it can be used for new areas of science, e.g. the nitrogen cycle.

My current or recent work includes:

  • developing JULES so that it is better able to simulate fluvial inundation (i.e. flooding from rivers) through incorporation of the CaMa-Flood routing and inundation model. This work is being pursued within NERC's Hydro-JULES project.
  • ensuring that flood water is fully integrated with the rest of the model hydrological cycle, for example infiltration to the soil and evaporation. This should improve the realism of the modelled hydrology but in turn will also allow effects on biogeochemical processes (e.g. wetland methane emissions) to be represented.
  • representing human management of water resources, particularly via dams and reservoirs, and groundwater - currently through the Hydro-JULES and TerraFIRMA projects.
  • activities to ensure that recent advances in the representation of biogeochemical processes are incorporated in JULES - e.g. developments in soil CNP modelling and allocation within plants through the QUINTUS project 

JULES is a community model and I work closely with the Met Office to ensure that developments are suitable for wide application.


Brief CV

1998 - present: Land surface modeller at UKCEH. Areas of activity have included: hydrology, land-atmosphere interactions, carbon and nitrogen cycles, development of JULES code and documentation.

1995-1998: PhD Meteorology, University of Reading

1994-1995: Research assistant, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, developing a model of continental-scale hydrology.

1993-1994: MSc Engineering Hydrology, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

1990-1993: BSc Meteorology, University of Reading