Professional summary

Research Interests


Causes and consequences of long-term environmental change in semi-natural aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Main areas of research include:

  • Biogeochemical and ecological assessments of freshwater acidification and recovery in upland lakes and streams.
  • Understanding controls on spatial and temporal variation in Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in surface and soil waters.
  • Interactive effects of air pollution, climate change and land management on semi-natural ecosystems.


Brief CV


Over 20 years experience in long-term environmental monitoring, survey and assessment of the ecological health of semi-natural ecoystems.

  • Coordinator of the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN), Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Lancaster.
  • Coordinator of the UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network.
  • Programme Manager and Secretariat Lead for the UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF).
  • UCL Senior Research Fellow
  • UK Representative on UN International Cooperative Programmes on Assessment and Monitoring Effects of Air Pollution on Rivers and Lakes
  • Prior to 2008 - UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network Science Coordinator, Environmental Change Research Centre, UCL
  • Contributing author to the Review of Transboundary Air Pollution (RoTAP, 2012) and UK National Ecosystem Assessment (2011)

recent projects:

2019-20. Principal Investigator: UKRI – SPF Climate Change Resilience. FREEDOM-BCCR – Building Climate Change Resilience.  

2017-19. Principal Investigator: NERC ERIIP. Forecasting Risk of Environmental Exacerbation of Dissolved Organic Matter Levels (FREEDOM) 

2018-19. Principal Investigator: FREEDOM co-funding from Scottish Water.

2008-16. Principal Investigator: Series of four projects supporting Environmental Change Network Central Coordination Unit activities. – Defra.

2011-16. Principal Investigator: Electrical Supply Industry Habitats Monitoring.  - E.ON on behalf of Refinery and Power Station Operators.

2009-12 CEH Principal Investigator: ERA-Net: Rising Dissolved Organic Carbon: impacts on human health. – NERC.



MSc Birkbeck College, University of London

BSc University of Lancaster

Selected publications