Professional summary

Brief CV

I am a Principal research scientist at UKCEH specialising in soil science and monitoring. I am responsible for UKCEH soil observatories and elements of national soil monitoring in the UK. In addition, my research interests focus on soil physics including soil hydrology, structure and erosion. Moreover, I investigate soil physical function and its interplay with biology, within the wider context of soil monitoring and ecosystem service assessment in response to climate and land use change drivers.

My team runs rigorous research using the latest modelling and measurement approaches including advanced sensors, smartphone technology and genomics for biological assessment. I have served the community in a number of roles including as a co-lead author for the 2015 United Nations Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils, first World Soil Resources Report. Most recently, I served on the foresight panel for the EU Mission Board on Soil Health and Food.

Recent appointments

10/2009 – Present Soil Scientist - UKCEH

11/2017 – Research Leader - UKCEH

01/2017 – Present Adjunct Professor - Utah State University, Logan, UT, USA

Recent research funding and project management

AI4Soil Health

UKCEH Countryside Survey soil and vegetation national research platform

EU Fabulous Farmers

ERAMMP soils national monitoring

NERC STARS Doctoral training program Soil Science, Project Management Board


PhD  Soil Physics, 1999: Soil water content estimates based on the measurement of soil relative permittivity: Use of capacitance, time domain reflectometry and impedance sensors, Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, Oxon, and Univ. of Ulster, UK.

BSc  Soils and the Environment with Sedimentary Geology, 1994: 2:1 (Honours) Reading University, UK.

Cert Higher Ed equ. Combination of maths and physics courses, Open University 2020 ongoing

Panels, committees and memberships

Soil Science Society of America (Fellow)
British Soil Science Society (Fellow)

EUSO working group on soil erosion

SOLO EU Think Tank soil degradation

Member U.N. Universities Sustainability Nexus Analytics, Informatics, and Data (AID) Program. 




Web tools and apps

UK Soil Observatory:

UKCEH Countryside Survey Soil Health Webtool SOil funDamentals (SOD):



2018 Soil Science Society of America Don and Betty Kirkahm Award for Soil Physics

2014 Excellence with Impact award for the UK Soil Observatory, Association for Geographic Information