Professional summary

2021 Data Manager for Biomass Connect and GGR-Peat projects

2020 - EIDC Grant Support Officer

2018 - Member of the Catchment to coast group.

2017 - ERAMMP data manager

2016 - UMWN Database Manager

2012 to present  - In April 2012 David became a member of the Informatics Liaison Project. Project involves providing NERC-funded scientists with advice and support in informatics provision. Provided support to EMHH, NFM, CoastWEB and NERC Soil Security programmes. He has provided support to UKCEH scientists and external scientists through the DURESS CBESS, ESPA and Macronutrient projects.

Also a member of the Environmental Data Information Centre (EIDC). The role involves facilitating the uploading of environmental data to the EIDC. 

Responsible for organising fieldwork at Plynlimon and maintaining hydrochemical database.

Provided GIS support to CEH and CWI projects.

2004  to 2012 - Heavily involved in Plynlimon database integration project.

Continued to provide GIS support and advice to ICP programme, DEFRA Projects, Eurolimpacs project and Conway Catchment projects.