Professional summary

Research Interests

  • Informatics Liaison
  • EIDC Data Centre Operative
  • EIDC Grant Support Officer
  • Geographical Information System skills (ArcMap)
  • Other interests

  • Running, Hill walking, Nordic walking Climbing

Brief CV

2020 - EIDC Grant Support Officer

2018 - Member of the Catchment to coast group.

2017 - ERAMMP data manager

2016 - UMWN Database Manager

2012 to present  - In April 2012 I became a member of the Informatics Liaison Project. Project involves providing NERC funded scientists with advice and support in informatics provision. Provided support to EMHH, NFM, CoastWEB and NERC Soil Security programmes. I have provided support to CEH scientists and external scientists through the DURESS CBESS, ESPA and Macronutrient projects.

Also member of the Environmental Data Information Centre (EIDC). Role involves facilitating the uploading of environmental data to the EIDC. 

Responsible for organising fieldwork at Plynlimon and maintaining hydrochemical database.

Provided GIS support to CEH and CWI projects.

2004  to 2012 - Heavily involved in Plynlimon database integration project.

Provided fieldwork expertise to DURESS Project

Continued to provide GIS support and advice to ICP programme, DEFRA Projects, Eurolimpacs project and Conway Catchment projects.

Responsible for regular Fieldwork for a number of sites.                       

 1998 to 2004 - Member of Biogeochemistry and Landuse Section. Overall responsibility for GIS applications and developments at CEH Bangor. Responsible for GIS in a number of projects including catchment characteristics for  Eurolimpacs project, DEFRA Dynamic Modelling project, European Heavy Metal mapping for ICP programme, Conwy Uncertainty project, Making the Welsh agricultural sector more robust to climate change for University Wales of Bangor (UWB), Nitrogen movement through a catchment. Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) diffuse pollution project. Potential for crops not currently exploited in Wales contract for Welsh Development Agency. (Joint contract with Central Science Laboratory and UWB). Environmental Diagnostics Programme. Provided GIS support to Woodland habitat network and sustainable woodland in Wales contracts for CCW.

Used GIS techniques to assist in Environmental Diagnostics Programme. Assisted in Critical Loads contract for Welsh Office. Used GIS techniques for woodland habitat network and sustainable woodland in Wales contracts for CCW.

Responsible for regular Fieldwork for a number of sites.

1993 to 1998 - Member of Upland and Overseas Ecology Section. Assisted in the implementation of GIS at Bangor. Provided GIS input/output and contributed to reports for a number of contracts including - Wales Acid Water Survey, Scope for upland woodland extension in Wales (CCW), Potential for upland woodland (English Nature), Effects of land use on water quality for Conwy catchment (EA) and MAFF contract on upland scrub in Welsh ESA’s.

Responsible for CWW contracts on historical grazing in three upland areas and assessing loss of heathland on Anglesey. Produced vegetation maps for CCW Sea Empress contract. From 1997 had overall responsibility for GIS at Bangor.

1988 to 1993 - Member of Biogeochemistry and Land Use Section. Assisted in fieldwork work for contracts on nitrogen deposition and cycling in upland Spruce Forests. Responsible for setting up and maintaining databases for projects.

1985 to1988 - Member of Digital Cartographic Service. Advised and assisted in the planning of work and running the service.


BTEC HND in Geographical Techniques