Professional summary

Brief CV

2021 - Deputy Science Area Head - Soils and Land use Science Area.

2020 - Present: Secretariat Lead, UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF) DNA working group.

2020 - Present: Visiting lecturer, Reading University - Molecular Methods for Species Identification and Survey.

2018 - Present: Group leader - Molecular Ecology research group

2014 - Present: Senior Scientific Officer, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford.

2008 - 2014: Higher Scientific Officer, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford. 

2007 to 2008: PDRA, Cardiff University.


2003-2007         Doctor of Philosophy, Cardiff University. Thesis Title: Molecular detection of trophic interactions is subterranean food webs (BBSRC funded).

1999-2002         BSc. Hons 2.1 (Biology), Cardiff University.

Panels, committees and memberships

Steering committee member for the NERC Environmental Omics Facility (NEOF)

Member of the NERC Peer Review College

Co-director of the NERC GW4 FRESH CDT PhD training programme.

Co-director of the NERC Environmental Omics Synthesis (EOS) programme.

Secretariat lead for the UK DNA working group of the Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF).

Associate editor for the journal Microbiome.

Associate editor for the journal Environmental Microbiome.

Work-related training

PhD students

Lead supervisor:

Claire Robertson (2019 - ). Supervised with Steve Ormerod (Cardiff University) and Jeremy Biggs (Freshwater Habitats Trust). Project: Using environmental DNA to understand the role of connectivity in pond ecosystems

Katharine Moss (2020 - ). Supervised with Richard Evershed (University of Bristol) and Penny Johnes (University of Bristol). Project: Understanding the ecological role of organic matter (OM) in urban freshwaters

Meriel Anderson (2023 - ). Supervised with Soon Gweon (University of Reading) and Kerry Walsh (Environment Agency). Project: Understanding freshwater ecosystem health from a microbial perspective


Completed PhDs:

Jade Ward (2016-2020). Co-supervised with Dan Lapworth (BGS) and Steve Pedley (University of Surrey). Project: Application of novel field sensors for tracking pathogens in drinking water supplies in Africa.

Liz Davidson (2018- 2022). Co-supervised with Steve Thackeray (UKCEH Lancaster) and Steve Ormerod (Cardiff University). Project: Molecular resolution of historic and contemporary food web interactions in lake ecosystems.

Kevin Chau (2018 - 2022). Co-supervised with Nicole Stoesser (University of Oxford) and Sarah Walker (University of Oxford). Project: Applying sewage epidemiology to understand AMR dynamics in non-clinical settings

Amy Thorpe (2019 - 2023). Supervised with James Bendle (University of Birmingham). Project: Unlocking the Toolbox of Soil Bacterial Biomarkers