Professional summary

Research Interests

My research interests include environmental data (mainly atmospheric data) processing and transformation and how it changes over time and space. Also I am interested in developing web tools that helps users (from general public to policy makers) to visualise data for decision making.

My background is in biology and ecology. During the course of my career, I've gained experience in processing spatial biological data and learnt various coding languages and spatial science to perform complex data transformations. Additionally, I developed my skills in high performance computing that allows fast data processing.


APIS mapping interface

Ammonia Recapture tool

Brief CV

2020-Present    Information Systems and Data Scientist, UKCEH

2018-2020    RA Information Systems and Data Scientist, UKCEH            

2017-2018    Data Manager Intern, RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds):Digitizing and processing of farmland bird census data in ArcGIS and in the RSPB database (Merlin). Dataset creation and update in the RSPB database.

2016-2017    MSc Animal Behaviour: Applications for conservation, Anglia Ruskin University: Gain an understanding of the application of animal behaviour to conservation. Learning of GIS, remote sensing, satellite tracking, statistics and data analysis.

2006-2012    BSc Biology, Universidad de Salamanca: 5 years degree, first three years dedicated to general biology and two last years to environmental studies.

Summary of Professional Expertise

My current role at CEH includes:

Technical and IT Skills


ArcGIS: digitizing, mapping, simple spatial analysis, Story maps
R spatial packages used: sf, raster, rgdal, sp, fasterize and others
QGIS: digitizing, mapping, simple spatial analysis, beginner use of GRASS plugins

Data processing

R packages used: dplyr, ROracle, pool, DT, ggplot2, plotly and others
FME: FME Workbench and Data Inspector
Linux: Processing in parallel with SLURM and LSF. Beginner in fast file processing.

Website development and management

Drupal 7 and 8
Drush: Using Drupal’s Drush interface to upgrade and maintain websites and servers
R Shiny package: Using R Shiny to develop website applications and tools.

Code languages






  • BSc Biology at Universidad de Salamanca with an Environment specialisation (5 years degree)
  • MSc Animal Behaviour: Applications for Conservation Anglia Ruskin University


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