Professional summary

Colin's research focuses on using long-term and large scale ecological data, such as the biological records data collected by national recording schemes & societies, to investigate species distributions and abundance and how these change over time. He is a member of the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme team helping to develop and run the analyses conducted annually that produce species trends and the official butterfly indicators. He has collaborated with schemes & societies on red-listing exercises (Vascular Plants, Mammals, & Lichens), state of reports and atlases (Butterflies, Moths, Mammals, Ladybirds). Colin also has an interest in non-native species and has worked on a number of projects focusing on non-native species within the UK as well as across Europe and globally. He was a member of an EU COST action on invasive species and a lead author on a Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) guidance document on Invasion Pathway Classifications.

Colin has a D.Phil in Ecology from the University of Oxford as well as an M.Res. in Ecology & Environmental Biology from the University of Glasgow and a B.Sc. in Zoology from the University of Aberdeen.

Selected publications

Crawley Derek; Coomber Frazer; Kubasiewicz Laura; Harrower Colin; Evans Peter; Waggitt James; Smith Bethany; Mathews Fiona; , (2020), Atlas of the mammals of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Pelagic Publishing

Harrower C.A. et al. , (2018), Guidance for interpretation of CBD categories on introduction pathways.