Professional summary

Research Interests

My current research is centred on using large-scale long-term ecological data, such as the data collected by the national recording schemes & societies, to perform research as well as to provide population trend estimates & indicators required by conservation bodies & the government.

Since joining the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology I have been involved in a number of different projects. Some examples of the projects I have been involved with are:

  • developing the analyses conducted as part of the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
  • developed clustering algorithms to group species based on patterns of co-occurrence
  • conducted analyses used as part of species red-listing exercises
  • working on non-native species by helping developed the GB non-native species register & being a member of an EU COST action on invasive species.

My background is in computational ecology, specialising in computer modelling and analysis. My PhD was focussed on the ecological relationship Taylor's Power Law and used population models and statistical analysis of existing datasets to investigate the relativionships between life history parameters and Taylor’s power law. My two Masters projects both involved simulation approaches; the first to investigate the effect that sample size and individual variation had on parameter estimates in Leslie matrix population models and the second to investigate if there wwere thermoregulatory constraints in seals during pupping. Prior to my Masters I spent 1 year working as a research assistant for Dr. Sara Bumrungsri in Thailand working on a project on the fruit bat species Eonycteris spelaea and its role as a pollinator of several important Asian crop species.


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Brief CV

2010 - present: Spatial Data Analyst - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
2009 - 2010: Biodiversity Database Manager - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
2008 - 2009: Data Assistant - Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
2002 - 2003: Research Assistant - Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. Research Asssitant working for Dr Sara Bumrungsri on project investigating the ecology of the fruit bat Eonycteris spelaea and it's role in pollination of Asian cash crop species.


PhD (DPhil) Macroecology, University of Oxford 2008
MRes Ecology & Environmental Biology, University of Glasgow 2004
BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Aberdeen 2001