Professional summary

Claire works in the environmental data science team of the Environmental Information Data Centre where she assists NERC/UKCEH depositors with curating their data of long-term value in the data store.

She previously worked as a radiochemist, participating in EU funded projects such as the ‘Strategy for Allied Radioecology’ (STAR), ‘COordination and iMplementation of a pan-European instrumenT for radioecology’ (COMET), ‘Coping with uncertainty for improved modelling and decision making in nuclear emergencies’  (CONFIDENCE) and other publicly funded projects. Claire has also worked at Harwell Scientifics analysing environmental soil and water samples for low-level radioactivity.

Claire has an MPhil in Environmental Radioactivity from the University of Manchester and a PhD from Imperial College, where she determined in-situ Kd values for radioactive strontium, caesium and technetium in soil columns using organic and sandy soils under laboratory conditions. During the experiments, in-situ soil solution samples were collected to extract soil solution and analyse the chemical properties of the waters. At the end of the experiments the soil columns were harvested and the each of the soil layers were analysed, data was collected on the chemical and physical properties. The soil and in-situ water data was used to model the effect of bioavailability in two different soil types.