Professional summary

Chris is an ecologist.  He works across a wide range of projects and research topics, although his interests are principally in upland and montane ecology.   He currently serves as the UK Environmental Change (ECN) site manager for the Cairngorms long-term ecological and environmental research site (LTER) in the Cairngorm National Park.  In this capacity, Chris oversees the recording of a diverse range of biological and environmental data, from traditional monitoring through to advanced ecoacoustic and image-based monitoring methods, to detect evidence of environmental change and its subsequent impacts on biodiversity at the site.  Chris also holds the position of Cairngorms station manager within two Horizon2020 funded projects; INTERACT2 and eLTER Plus. The object of both projects is the the advancement of collaborative and multi-disciplinary research, through close collaboration with European colleagues and researchers globally.

Chris is an able field surveyor and logistical planner. He possesses field and laboratory skills spanning a variety of habitats (montane, woodland, riparian, agricultural, and inter-tidal) and disciplines (ecology, pollution, water, soil, environment).  Since 2017, Chris has played a pivotal role in implementing the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (PoMS) in Scotland. Involving the identification of suitable permanent monitoring sites, liaising with landowners and governing bodies, providing training, and serving as a contact point for contracted field surveyors and volunteers.  He is also an experienced Countryside Survey field-surveyor.

Beyond these roles, Chris has a keen interest in ground beetles (Carabidae).

Selected publications

Andrews Chris et al. , (2020), Utilising repeat photography for long-term monitoring at the Cairngorm Environmental Change Network site: data analysis report.

Andrews Chris et al. , (2020), Temporal trends in spider communities at the UK Environmental Change Network Cairngorm field station, 2007-2019: data analysis report.

Andrews Christopher et al. , (2021), The potential use of acoustic indices for biodiversity monitoring at long-term ecological research (LTER) sites: a summary of current knowledge, equipment and methods.