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Dr Chris Huntingford's research is mainly about the evolving climate system and trying to help with the effort of determining how this might alter as levels of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations rise. One interest at the moment is if a particular part of the Earth system can be described in terms of differential equations, then is there any chance that these equations can be picked apart analytically to tell us details of expected future change? Global Circulation Models (GCMs) provide our best tool to determine expected future alterations to meteorological conditions. However, their complexity means, in some regards, they are "black boxes" that are difficult to understand in full. A related current interest is how we may be able to re-interpret the CMIP5 database to learn more about robust features across the range of climate models available.

Dr Huntingford is a contributing author to Chapter 3 ("Human Influence on Climate") of the 6th UN IPCC climate report.

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