Professional summary

Charlie's research background is in wetland hydro-ecology, and he was a member of the hydro-ecology and wetlands group at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), now UKCEH, for 15 years. The focus of his early research was the hydrological processes that link wetland habitats to their surroundings. His research has naturally evolved with an increasing focus on the benefits that wetland habitats provide to people, and understanding the underpinning characteristics of habitats from which these benefits are derived. In 2016, Charlie was awarded a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship by the Natural Environment Research Council, to support regional-scale policy and decision makers in including natural capital and ecosystem services in their processes.

During 2017 and 2018, Charlie managed CEH’s Water Evidence Review Consortium contract for Defra and oversaw the design and delivery of multiple evidence reviews. Charlie led CEH’s 2017 systematic review of the influence of catchment forestry on river flooding and now delivers evidence review training courses for a range of audiences. Since 2017 he leads UKCEH’s engagement with the water sector, working at the interface between research, policy and application. In 2022, Charlie was appointed UKCEH Head of Research and Business Development. 

Charlie maintains close links to academia and is assistant editor of the journal Mires and Peat, represents UKCEH in the UK Water Partnership, the Floodplain Meadows Partnership, and sits on the UK WFD Wetland Technical Advisory Group.

Other Publications

Stratford, C.J.; Robins, N.S.; Clarke, D.; Jones, L.; Weaver, G.. 2013 An ecohydrological review of dune slacks on the west coast of England and Wales. Ecohydrology, 6 (1). 162-171.