Professional summary

Research Interests

I am a wetland hydrologist in the Hydrological Processes group at CEH. My research focusses on wetland hydro-ecology and restoration, with particular emphasis on the hydrological processes that link wetlands habitats to their surroundings. Much of my career to-date has been spent developing tools for monitoring and modelling wetland hydrological processes and I have applied these across a wide range of wetland habitat types.

One of my main research areas is coastal wetlands and in 2010 I established the hydrology thematic group of the UK Sand Dune and Shingle Network. As leader of this group I have organised meetings bringing together researchers, managers and policy makers from across Europe in order to share experiences. I am currently guest editor for a special edition of the Journal of Coastal Conservation on coastal dune hydro-ecology.

My research interests also include assessment of wetland ecosystem services and understanding the natural processes that underpin natural capital. I have spent time with local communities in the Himalaya understanding how they manage and utilise wetland systems for sustainable benefit and I developed a framework for assessing the vulnerability of wetlands in data-poor areas.

Brief CV


  • 2001 to present - Wetland Hydrologist, CEH Wallingford.

Selected recent projects:

  • Somerset Levels and Moors: Assessment of the impact of water level management on flood risk (2014) Client: Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium. Role: Project manager and wetland hydrologist. Assessment of the impact of raised water level schemes on flooding.
  • River Glen Integrated Catchment Management Study (2014) Client: South Lincolnshire Fens Partnership. Role: Project manager and wetland hydrologist. Assessment of current and future water management.
  • The Hydro-Ecology of English Sand Dunes (2013) Client: Natural England. Role: Project manager and wetland hydrologist. Botanical survey of the main English sand dune wetlands. Hydro-ecological conceptualisation and monitoring of key sites.
  • Monitoring and Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Droughts (2012) Client: Environment Agency. Role: Wetland hydrologist – coordinating wetland section. To assess and summarise the current literature on the ecological impacts of droughts and to provide guidance on improved monitoring of drought related habitat stress.
  • Chimney Meadows Floodplain Restoration (2012) Client: BBOWT and NERC. Role: Project manager and wetland hydrologist. To monitor the impact of floodplain restoration techniques and using a combination of observed and modelled data, assess the different techniques against future climate scenarios.
  • Great Fen Project (2012) Client: Natural England, Environment Agency and the Wildlife Trusts. Role: Wetland hydrologist. The restoration of up to 37 km2 of wetland between Huntingdon and Peterborough with the aim of delivering benefits for society, biodiversity and the local economy.


BSc (Hons) Environmental Geoscience, University of Bristol (2:1)